The largest Setsubun festival (bean-throwing festival) in Kyoto is held at Yoshida shrine. A traditional ceremony is performed on the 2nd February (a day before Setsubun). Red, blue and yellow Oni (Japanese Devils) rush around a stage wildly with huge iron clubs to bring bad luck (disease and disaster) to people. Then, the men called Hôsôshi show up to attack the Oni with Hoko (Chinese long pike), and finally Tenjobito, who are high in status, shoot arrows to beat back the Oni.
There are many other enjoyable events. 800 street stalls line the path to the shrine. They have lotteries with Fukumame (fortune beans) which are used for eating or scattering on Setsubun to bring in good luck and drive away evil. Around 500,000 people join this festival for 3days.

February's Seasonal Confection of Kyoto has a Kinako (soy bean flour) taste. This is made of white sweetened bean paste and a lot of Kinako and mixed with some Neri Goma (sesame paste) to provide a rich flavor. Daitokugi-Natto which has unique saltness is placed on top to enhance the sweetness. Setsubun Mame (dried soybeans) gives crunchy texture and pleasant smell to the taste.

We serve a cup of green matcha tea (or choice of coffee) and our wagashi based on our textile design.
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store descended from the famous confectionary Kameya Yoshian, that has the reputation of being one of the best Kyoto gourmet locales and it's fame reaches back to the Edo period when the store was first opened in 1803. Since then they've been in business in Sijo Samegai area in Kyoto till now. The owner of the store is the 7th generation.

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